Service & Price

Service & Price

Guides are like your local friends AND travel entertainer to support your trip in Japan.
We provide the following THREE services.

■Original Private Tours

《How it works》
1, You can book the tour online.
2, You will receive emial from RECEPTION listed on guides avirable on your date and time.
3, You choose one guide and make a pament online.
4, You will email the guide to determine the meeting place and time.
5, Enjoy the tour.

《Service contents》
Provided deep knowledge and experience about must-see placese in Tokyo.

《Price》 13,000 JPY (A half-day tour) 25,000 JPY (A day tour)

■Customized Tours

《How it works》
1, Before booking, confirm the date, the time and duration for the guide with a guide by email.
2, After you agree with the date, the time and duration, you can book him/her online.
3, You can consult your guide regarding the content of your guide by email.
4, Your guide will suggest a customized tour based on your needs.
5, Your guide will guide you during your travel.

《Service contents》
Created a tailor-made tour based on your needs.
Guided you with rich cultural and historical knowledge of Japan according to your interests.

Hourly price set by each concierge

■Travel advice (Email based)

《How it works》
1, You can book him/her online.
2, You can send messages via Email.(You can send up to 7 mails.)
3, Your concierge will reply to your questions and make suggestons to your itinerary according to your interests.

《Service contents》
•Provided recommendations of travel informations from restaurants, stores, activities to entertainment.
•Introduced restaurants and shops only known to the locals.
•Made your travel plan of half a day or one day.
Concierges can not arrange accommodations, air tickets and transportations.