Original Private Tours

Tokyo tours around must-see places for First Timers.


 I don't want to wast time to create itinerary.
 I definitely want to go the places I should go first.
 I want to gain deep knowledge of must-see spots.

Customized Tours

Created a tailor-made tour based on your needs.


 I like to be guided by those who are familiar with Japanese culture and history.
 Because English translations and guide recorders are not prepared for all tourist spots,
 please explain in details the sites of your interest. 
 I woud like to take a journey to learn Japanese culture while communicating with Japanese people.
 I would like a guide to accompany me to a restaurant, because it seems that it is difficult to order.
 Besides I would like to talk about Japanese food, culture and history with the guide during the meal.
 I want to experiene the real life of living in Japan by being in touch with a local Japanese.

Travel Advice

Meet your needs and relieve your anxieties about your travel.
Save your time and energy for your itinerary for travering in Japan.


 Please suggest me a one day Tokyo tirp.
 I will be free for half of that day. Is there any place you recommend?
 I would like to go to a hidden Japanese restaurant only known to the locals.
 Please show me how to take public transportations.
 I want to stay at a Japanese Ryokan, but I don't know how.
 I want to go to a public bath or a hot spring in Japan, but I dont't know how the appropriate procedures there.