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I'm a national tour guide-interpreter who can also play the shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. I also have the certification of domestic travel service, so I assure you that my expertise will help you a lot.
■National Certified Guide

English, Japanese
Strong field
Shamisen, Japanese cuisine, art
Supported Area
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
Strong area
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
Residential area
Hyogo, Japan
Hyogo, Japan
About me
Hi, my name is Ryota Usami. I’m a national tour guide-interpreter who can also play the shamisen.
I received my tour guide certification in 2016. I really burnt the candle at both ends to be a tour guide because passing the tour guide test is a kind of hard nut to crack, but for all the difficulties I actually cracked the nut.
A bit more about myself, I graduated from Kindai University in 2014 and decided to be a professional tour guide. I think being a tour guide is a labor of love and it’s great introducing Japanese culture, sightseeing spots, and way of life to the world. I’m still in the process of being a super guide, but I assure you that I’ll pull out all the stops to entertain you by showing you some breathtaking sightseeing spots and that my tour will knock your socks off.

If you would like to listen to my shamisen playing during the tour, please let me know. My shamisen tunes will lead you to a nostalgic and energetic world so you can have an unforgettably unique experience.

A Shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument with a long wooden neck and a body. We use a big plectrum to strum in almost a beating fashion. Have you ever heard of it?
Have you also ever heard the Japanese phrase “Ichi-go-ichi-e”? It’s one of my favorite phrases and means “Once in a lifetime encounter”. This is an important concept in a Japanese tea ceremony, and we should treasure every encounter as it will not likely to ever happen again. With this in mind, I will welcome you whole-heartedly and cater to your demands. I can answer almost all questions posed by you, but since I’m not a Buddha, I don’t know everything.

Japan is a wonderful country to travel in. You might be unable to discover its beauty just watching pictures and flicks, so I recommend that you hire me at a reasonable price to get a better understanding of this mysterious and beautiful country.
I was wondering if you could give me the tour guide fare per group at the very beginning of the tour. The tour guide fare is JPY 6,000 per hour. This price does not include my transportation cost, which I will ask you to cover.
Thank you. See you soon.
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 more detail
Guide fee
5000 Yen/hour
Guide/Attend details
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Guide fee

■What is not included
Public transportation fare, Lunch, Admission fee

■Number of people
From 1 to 8

From 5 hours to 8 hours 
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